If Walls Could Talk…

by Franke James

What would your walls say?


But hey… just imagine if you hung some of my banned art!


That would really get people talking about climate change


And make for some lively dinner conversations!


You’ll be supporting a great cause…

Banned on the Hill: A True Story of Dirty Oil and Government Censorship from Franke James on Vimeo.

You’ll be getting people talking about climate change.
(Which is exactly what the Harper Government does not want.)

Step 1: Pick Art From Selection Below.
Step 2: Email your choice of an artwork to
Step 3: Pay using Paypal or Amazon

Alice Tarsands NoKXL_squareHarperAfraid_square
tax polluters Tanker MaskBlowUpPower_squareFartCat_squareJoeRidesFish_squareTailingPonds_Cows_squarePinkFlamingo_squareLoafingLeaders_squareDoNotWorry_squareDarwin_squarealice_squareSocialFlag_squareWalkDogs_squareFossilDino_squareFatCatCanada_squaredire_squaresittingducks_squaregreenmonster_square

And as the satirical artist Dan Murphy quipped on Facebook, “So if Harper ever dropped by, having one of these on the wall would put him off his hors d’oeuvres…”

I had to agree. If PM Harper dropped by my place he’d feel like he walked into one of my essays… he’d be surrounded by my climate change art. Yikes! What is Harper afraid of?

Get your walls talking!

  • Franke James artworks are available as giclee fine art prints on art-paper.
  • Each artwork is signed by Franke James. Limited to an edition of 50.
  • Medium size – 21.5″ x 15.375″ ($600) Includes shipping and taxes
  • Large size – 33.375″ x 23.375″ ($900) Includes shipping and taxes
  • Email your art selection to We’ll confirm your selection and arrange shipping and payment.
  • Questions? Email

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