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  • Steffani Aranas says:

    Hello Franke:

    I came across your website as somebody on A Small World mentioned your Dinner with a Stranger and I thought I’d check it out. Sounds very interesting and similar to a Giving Dinner idea I had…very cool…

    I’m writing from Singapore and wanted to get on your radar screen in case you ever come here and would like to speak at a PrimeTime event. PrimeTime is a women’s business and professional association and we have about 400 members from over 30 countries. Your topic/book/views would be a great perspective…

    Thanks for all you do.

    Steffani Aranas
    Programmes Officer – PrimeTime
    +65 8333 6495

  • Geoff Walker says:

    Hi Franke, Kevin from 350 gave me your site details and suggested I drop you a line.

    I’ve put together a facebook group about mobbing on the 24/10/09 to have as many mobs happen globally as possible happen on this day.

    I called it flashmob350 and i aim to cause 350 mobs to join my group and stage a mob on oct 24 for climate action day.

    Loving your site. would love to add you you to the global list.


  • Dan Marsh says:


    I just finished reading your book ‘Bothered by My Green Conscience’ and loved it.

    I am HUGE into renewable energy and am building an experiment right now using geothermal HVAC/solar thermal technology. It’s funny, because I started the experiment with a simple question of ‘Can I make my ground source heat pump more efficient?’ and have created a green monster.

    I am now trying to create Social Change by starting with children and their parents.

    Regarding your book, I love the blistered hands pictures because people who have never done any of this have no idea how tough it is when you do it yourself.

    Thank you for writing the book and keep writing.

    Dan Marsh
    A science experiment

  • sylvia says:

    Hi Franke,
    I’ve been following the 350 website and am enjoying your art. We are in the process of developing an online conscious awareness and sustainability magazine and I’d love to include some of your art….. Will reference your name/book & website for any piece we use.
    Love it…fun and quirky!
    Just want your permission first. PLEASE!!!
    Thank you..
    Sylvia..Sedona/Az/ Australia (I live in both parts of the world :-)

  • Franke James says:


    Sounds great. Happy to be involved. I’ll contact you by email for more details.


  • In a world of talkers, Franke James is a walker! She not only has an environmental conscience, but she listens to her conscience and she is willing to make big sacrifices to do so. Her story is fascinating and inspiring, and the medium she uses is both instructive and compelling. Everywhere Franke James walks, she shall surely inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

  • Charlotte Locke says:


    I needed your positive approach to the problem of climate change. I run rhyming signs about climate change along the road in front of our house, and think I need to lace my doom and gloom messages with some bloom…as you do.

    I’m traveling to Toronto in two weeks on a business trip, and I’ll be quite excited to be in the same city as a thinker and artist such as you!

  • Marianna Szabó says:

    Hola Franke,

    I coordinate the environmental information center of the municipality of Santo Domingo D.N. where we work with kids as well as with grown ups.

    We loved your “What can one person do” essay, and would like to translate it in Spanish. Sadly we don’t have environmental regulation like Toronto, but at least kids will know about it, and, hopefully ask about it…

    Please let me know what to do, which are your terms.



    Ps: I didn’t know about your website, it’s fantastic! Happy to discover it!

  • Franke James says:


    Thanks for your inquiry about translating my essay into Spanish. Sounds terrific! I will email you directly so we can discuss this in more depth.


  • Erica Gamble says:

    Can you send me a link to your archived blog entry, “This Saturday, I’m a Human Book.” I wanted to cite conversation between your and your readers about The Human Library event in Toronto! Here’s the blog I would like to include you in:


  • Franke James says:


    Thanks for your request about my Human Book post. Here’s the URL:

    We’re making some design changes on the site — which is why the post
    “disappeared” for a little while.

    Any questions, please email.


  • Mikayla says:

    Hi Franke James,

    I sent you an e-mail and I am really hoping that you reply ASAP. If you can, can you please reply to my e-mail.

    Thank you

    Mikayla (Grade 8 Student)

  • gisele grossmann says:


    Great job you´re doing. Congratulations.

  • Just wanted to say that I really, really appreciate what you do and how you do it. You’re an inspiration.

    In solidarity,

  • Gerry Post says:

    Just heard you’re CBC interview via internet radio…i work internationally, and then found your website. WoW! Great work and great advocacy. And i thought you did very well presenting your point of view, balanced and thoughtful. Even if you don’t get to the bottom of the Government’s actions, i think the publicity you’re getting will probably more than off-set the damage they have done to your cause. My hat goes off to you!

  • Lance Rancier says:

    Even as I type this, your CBC interview (Nov. 18) is on the radio. I’m thoroughly disgusted with this latest example of the Harper government’s unwillingness even to accept opinions other than their own small-minded, ideologically-driven ideas of rational thought. Thank you for standing up to the strong- arm bullying Harper government.

  • I send warm greetings waiting is well, my name esErnesto Chanes, I’m PhD student of Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Hidalgo, Mexico.
    I’m currently working with the Mexican relict species beech forests of the Miocene and in our organization is in danger of extinction by man.
    Looking for information on what to do not only publications or thesis, I came across your video of FSC Canada, I liked the idea very much and would like to make a video similar but talking about the problems on these forests in particular.
    So I want to ask if I can say how you did it, what program and if you can give me some ideas of how to make it, I would appreciate much this attention.
    No more at present, first congratulate you on the actions being done in their country, and I am at your service
    MsC. Ernesto Chanes

  • Hello Franke: Kudos to you. Positively brilliant work and so glad that you have the courage to speak out. We must all raise our voices loudly in whatever manner we can. As a nation Canadians have been described as ‘polite’….I believe there is a very fine line between ‘polite’ and complacent.

    As an Environmentalist and in particular an Animal Advocate/Activist I invite you to view my Blog.

    My own three year battle here in the Northwest Territories, won the first major historical victory for dogs here..the New NT Dog Act came into effect 2011. In addition the motion carried forward in the Legislative Assembly to continue working towards the comprehensive Animal Protection Act that I was fighting for.

    There remains a great deal of work to be done, not only in Canada, but around the Globe and it is people such as yourself who will get this work done.

    Hats off to you.

  • ClimateBites says:

    […] Credit: All images are the work of Franke James. First posted at Thisness of a That. Reposted with permission. Share on TwitterShare on Facebook […]

  • Leslie Leong says:

    Good for you. You know you “struck a vein” when you got blacklisted. You must be doing the right thing. It is unfortunate that you lost the European tour. It will probably still happen in another form and another time. Every cloud really does have a silver lining and your dedication to “what’s right” has brought it out to shine on through. Enjoy the wondrous repercussions of the hard road you have travelled. Congratulations!

  • William Willson says:

    Dear Franke,

    I’m writing to say thank you for your brilliant graphics and message on the state of our nation through your, “What’s Harper afraid of?” visual essay. I have shared it on FaceBook and several friends picked it up and passed it along.

    It is work like yours that can help in our fight back from an increasingly Neo-feudalistic state to a more progressive environmental and egalitarian society.

    Keep up your wonderful work.

    Thanks again,


  • i have just shared your illustrated primer against the Tar Sands and Pipeline via my blog, G+ and FB. I hope you approve.

  • Franke James says:

    Thanks Brian! It looks good — I appreciate your support. (You can also post the video if that’s of interest.)

  • Margaret Everitt says:

    I just wanted to say that I love, love your work! I am a daily reader of Environmental Health News, and I feel, mostly, depressed and hopeless about all that is going on. I stumbled across your site on Facebook, and I am reading your Visual Essays. I have been able to laugh again and again, and I feel a new sense of strength to face the issues that, obviously, you and your fans are facing too. Thanks for that!

  • Greetings Franke: these are the closing days of 2012 and Chief Spence has now fasted for 12 days. I am hoping that you will make connections to people in the First Nations and do a collaborative. You, too, are a champion of the earth and all that is given us from creation. Please say yes! I believe, if you have not already been in relationship or collaboration, I believe this will present a new and powerful road for you and the admirable First Nations activists you have in Canada. Many of them are tirelessly active across the entire planet. I wish you the best. It always cheers me enormously to come to your web, see new works, know you are there and still working.

  • We at Upper Canada Stretcher want to commend you for your great work holding the Government of Canada for its policies and actions in regards to the environment. Art has an important role in highlighting the issues of the day and provides needed social commentary. Franke, keep up the good work we are behind you!

  • Alison McGillivray says:

    Brilliant visual essay— absolutely Brilliant!!!!

    Thankyou so much for this contribution to combating Climate Change efforts for all of us…

    I was so happy and humbled to add my name to it….

    occupy love and be the change


  • Laura Csuzdi says:


    I am looking for a transcript or record of the talk you were involved in, Artists on the Line, A Conversation on Art, Activism and the Keystone XL Pipeline. I need this for a research paper I am doing at U of Manitoba. Can you help?


  • Franke James says:

    Laura, I suggest contacting the Corcoran Gallery of Art who put on the event. They would probably have a recording of it, and maybe a transcript. I don’t have a copy or recording. ~ Franke

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