News of ‘Banned on the Hill’ in Ottawa Citizen, Globe & Mail and more…

by Franke James




GuardianFrankeJames_May17_2013 450It’s been an amazing 9 days! Canadian media are now picking up on the story which Suzanne Goldenberg at the Guardian UK broke on May 17th: Artist finds inspiration in Canadian government’s attempt to silence her. Goldenberg’s article has been “liked” on Facebook over 1,676 times — and continues to spread the news of the Harper Government’s attempts at silencing me around the world.

103 funders on Indiegogo have pitched in from Canada, the USA, the UK and Belgium. As of today, we’re just $274 away from the $5000 goal… Can we exceed our goal and take the campaign across Canada and to the USA?
Read the excerpts below…

Toronto artist Franke James says Harper government monitored her climate change artwork

franke-james_photoBilliamJamesOTTAWA CITIZEN: by Mike de Souza

“More than two dozen senior officials and diplomats in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government monitored information about a Toronto artist over her criticism of the oil and gas industry’s environmental performance.

This behind the scenes reaction was described in passages from more than 2,000 internal federal emails and other records, featured in a new book – Banned on the Hill – released this month by the artist and environmental activist, Franke James…” LINK

(Also appeared in the Montreal Gazette, The Province, The Calgary Herald, and other Postmedia properties across Canada)

GLOBE AND MAIL: Conservative attacks are nothing but bullying


GLOBE AND MAIL: Gerald Caplan
“Ms. Casault could have a great class on government bullying by introducing her kids to the shocking saga of Franke James. Ms. James is an artist/author/environmental activist. Her work is great fun for kids of all ages and they can Google her easily. Two years ago, she was supposed to have her work exhibited in 20 European cities. But the local NGO that was sponsoring her was bullied and intimidated so badly by Canadian officials that it pulled out and the entire show was canceled. Her terrible crime? As a spokesperson for our government candidly explained, Ms. James’ show was about climate change and her opinions were contrary to those of the government. That was it. Here’s the big message that all kids better learn if they’re to survive in a bullying culture. With the rarest exception, Stephen Harper and his minions never ever admit they’re wrong.LINK

HUFFINGTON POST CANADA: The story of Franke James and the art of activism

HuffPo_Grandia_400HUFFPO CANADA: Kevin Grandia
“Franke James is doing what every Canadian is taught from an early age: to stand up and fight for what you believe is right. Franke has turned her art, her story and her activism into a visually stunning book, Banned on the Hill: a True Story about Dirty Oil and Government Censorship, and on Monday her book got international attention with a feature in UK’s Guardian media outlet.

The attention is well deserved. Her art is very cool, and no doubt the success of her new book will rekindle the emotions that her state-censored European exhibit elicited from the ruling Conservative Party…” LINK


NEXT UP — “Do Not Talk about Climate Change: It is against Government Policy”


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Have you got your perk yet? The perks are being sent out, but it’s a big job so please be patient. Some people have already received their Banned on the Hill print book… However if you’ve asked for a signed book it will be a few more weeks as I have not received my bulk shipment yet! The tattoos and the 12 x 18 posters are still in production, and will be sent out when they are available.

Please spread the word to your friends and family. We need more supporters to make this a success — and show the Harper Government that they cannot silence citizens on climate change. Speak up! Exercise your right to free expression! Please support my Indiegogo campaign…


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