Not just preaching to the choir, “Do Not Talk” banner tops Ottawa-insider’s Hill Times

by Franke James

Read the latest news about the campaign on the streets of Ottawa
FrankeJamesDoNotTalk730How do we get Ottawa talking about climate change? They are so busy selling tarsands oil and silencing anyone who mentions the fact that bitumen is highly polluting and contributing to climate change, that it’s a challenge, a big one.

Well, today, thanks to seventy-three Indiegogo supporters, we have succeeded in putting climate change at the top of a site that every Ottawa-insider knows and reads. The Hill Times is “Canada’s politics and government newsweekly” and their readers include “influential players in Parliament, Cabinet, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Privy Council,” and more.

Which makes it just the perfect place for my “Do Not Talk about Climate Change” ad campaign — because it cannot be missed. No doubt there were a few cheerios spat out when this ad played on The Hill Times today…
The “Do Not Talk” ad bumped off this pipeline ad which was running last week.


The ad, which is also destined for the streets of Ottawa (47″ x 68″ outdoor ads), is also debuting on the front page of Rabble, the voice of progressive journalists, writers, artists and activists across Canada.


Hey, do you think this is fun and worthwhile? Great…

Then please join my campaign! For the price of an ebook or a small perk you can be part of my activist campaign and help make a difference. Visit Indiegogo and support Banned on the Hill so we can get the climate change message out in creative and fun ways across Canada — and around the world. These banner ads are just a taste of what’s in store!

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