Food for thought (and your table)

by Franke James

Here’s a terrific little video about the freedom (and healthiness) that comes by growing your own food in your urban front yard or back yard. Since we unpaved our paradise, it’s an idea I’m planning on putting into action this spring.


Thanks to Julie Johnston at GreenHeart Education for sending me this great video. Also check out Julie’s Pizza Garden project she did with her Pender Island Elem-Sec class for B.C. Green Games.

For more urban gardening inspiration check out Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn by Fritz Haeg.

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  • SuperRawGirl says:

    I had seen a news item on TV about this family, but never the full video. This is great! A lesson that we can all learn and use. It inspires me to grow more of my own food, even though I live in an apartment!

  • AJ says:

    Inspiring video… unfortunately living in an area where it is winter 6 months out of the year means I can’t put a lot of what they do into practice, at least to the same extent.

  • Franke James says:


    Of course we in Canada can’t expect the bountiful year round harvest of those in California but I think growing some of our own food is worth a try.

    I live in Toronto, where we get winter about 5 to 6 months of the year. I’m going to look into planting lettuce, carrots and tomatoes — and perennial herbs will spring up from last year. Our ancestors living in Ontario would grow food in the warm months and then preserve the harvests (root vegetables, jams, pickles etc.) for eating in the winter.

    It’s a good life skill to pick up. If I’m willing to plant annual flowers why not diversify and try food?


  • Joseph Dee says:


    To Source Locally Grown Food in your area:

    Done by #thmvmnt

  • Franke James says:


    What a great idea to source local food! But my front yard would beat it ;-) No car!



  • what an example you continue to be Franke

    I was introduced to path of freedom last year
    like you, and here in the midwest we are limited
    to a shorter growing season
    and myself, a renter –also has it’s limitations
    however last summer we composted
    and reduced our curbside garbage by 75%
    and I have totally gotten the growing of tomato’s and basil down -Yum!

    this year I’d like to collect rain water
    and try producing my greens – mixed lettuce’s, spinach, arugula and swiss shard
    more herbs also

    once the landlord says yes, I’ll be experimenting just like you!

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