Dinner with a Stranger

by Franke James

stranger to vege dinner

stranger to vege dinner

email request for charity vege dinner

jack in the box and sucker

who is the stranger

Franke James as a sucker

photo-illustration of mattress

feeling good
Yonge Street Mission tax receipt

google mark shouldice

puzzle that  is mark shouldice

google mark shouldice

mark shouldice has chutzpah



guest towel

ask and you shall receive

artist and various plates

say yes


head idea growing

why it's a cool idea

stranger revealed



guest arrive wreath

Flash animation: mouseover the plates to see what we talked about

Writing, illustrations and photos by Franke James
Dinner with a Stranger © 2009 Franke James, MFA

The donation was made to The Yonge Street Mission which has been around for 113 years.



CBC does “Dinner with a Stranger”

CBC screenshot

The National and CBC radio’s The Spark shared Franke’s story of “Dinner with a Stranger” with their audiences.

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