What’s bothering your green conscience?

by Franke James

Franke’s University of Cincinnati Art Workshop

While I was in Cincinnati, I did two art workshops on the green conscience theme, one at the University and one at a booksigning at Park + Vine.

At the University, I started by showing the students an updated version of my Six Tools for Climate Change Art presentation. Students then created collages using colored paper, markers and images cut from old magazines. Below are some examples of their artworks created on the theme of: “What’s bothering your green conscience?”

University of Cincinnati photo by Franke James.

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Franke’s Art Workshop at Park + Vine

At Park + Vine, the workshop participants were all working adults. They caught on very quickly to the concept of “What’s bothering your green conscience?” and had no problem putting their ideas down on paper. Their occupations? Architects, graphic designers and product designers! The set up was very basic. Folding tables and chairs, stacks of magazines, colored paper, glue sticks and scissors. It was a comfortable setting that allowed people to chat and express their ideas about their green conscience!

Park and Vine workshop Cincinnati

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  • I adore the collage medium for this type of expression! I think we should pile our garbage outside of these establishments for one week and photograph it, then multiply it – imagine it for our own communities, then surrounding communities, the state, the country.

    AND it’s true so much of this debris is recyclable. Where are the recycling bins?

    My green conscience is currently bothered by befriending someone who lives 200 miles away. The commute to visit is a drive that I am doing and offsetting ( like you ), but I wonder should I consider a closer to home relationship?

  • Matt says:

    Thanks for the fun workshop. I gave my parents your book this weekend when they came down to visit, and we went down to Park + Vine and bought a composter (for me) and I got them started on a few things, like reusable bags for going to the great Farmer’s Market where they live in Madison, WI. I’m sure your book will help inspire them on their green journey, and I’ll keep up the encouragement along the way.

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