Upper Canada College: Earth Week

Franke James presents to students at UCC on April 19, 2010

“Dynamic presentation”

Reem Aweida-Parsons, Upper Canada College Sustainability Fellow

To kick off Earth Week, Franke presented to students at Upper Canada College (a private boys school in Toronto). The boys were an enthusiastic audience — and after her presentation, dozens of students were brought up on stage to accept “Creativity, Action, Service” Awards, which can represent hundreds of hours earned on community service projects, from Grade 9 through to graduation.

“From the moment Franke stepped onto the stage, 700 high school boys were instantly quiet. Her dynamic presentation was focused on how together, we can make a difference in stewarding the environment and making the right choices. Her illustrations and energy are a driver in challenging all to act, and act big.” Reem Aweida-Parsons, UCC Sustainability Fellow

“We so appreciate your time and support in developing the Green Conscience in each and every one of our students.” Susan Elliott, UCC Sustainability Fellow

“I really enjoyed Franke’s Visual/Spatial learning style.  It was different than many of the other speakers who lecture the boys at 8:30 in the morning for an hour. The Art students (and geographers) really enjoyed it!” Ian Toope, UCC Sustainability Fellow

See Franke’s presentation: Our Disposable World…

disposable earth illustration by Franke James

UCC had an action-packed Earth Week planned. Activities included planting 100 trees and large shrubs, an online video-conference with David Suzuki, an Earth Day posters contest, Meatless Wednesday, an Alternative Transport Day — and many more. Their Green School operates year-round and is devoted to developing a culture of sustainability at UCC.

One of the projects Franke loved hearing about was the Prep Learning Garden, where the boys are taught how to prepare, plant and harvest food. City boys learning how to farm — it’s not unheard of but it is a big step in the right direction.

See Our Disposable World…

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