The Uncensored Email List by Franke James

Panorama of Franke James at The Dock Oct9 by Zack Embree
Canada’s new anti-spam legislation is intended to make it harder to communicate by email.

But in an IRONIC twist it has motivated me to do what I probably should have done years ago — have a formal email list! How sweet.

FrankeJamesDoNotTalk730Please sign up if you want to be on my Uncensored Email List and hear musings about…

  1. Politics, censorship and free expression
  2. The environment
  3. My upcoming art shows, talks and book events
  4. Art and games and workshops
  5. Whatever seems really interesting

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If you find it interesting, entertaining and inspiring, please spread the word.

If not, you can censor me by unsubscribing.

See the archive here.


Oct 9 Franke James The Dock by Billiam James

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