Treehugger reviews “Who cares about the Forest?”

by Franke James

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The Best Ever Explanation Of Why You Should Buy FSC Wood: Who Cares About The Forest?

image of treehugger mastheadLloyd Alter, Treehugger’s resident expert on certified wood, reviewed my story “Who cares about the Forest?” and wrote: “We do go on about how important it is to buy lumber and wood products that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council); it is a tough sell, particularly in the face of the millions that SFI, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, spends on advertising its certification system. But they don’t have author and illustrator Franke James on their side. She presents an illustrated guide to FSC that explains how it is done, and why it is so important for the forests and the people who work in them. And, it is extremely funny!…”

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Lloyd Alter has been an architect, developer, inventor, and builder of prefab housing. He now writes for TreeHugger, is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University teaching sustainable design, and has written for Azure and Ontario Nature magazines.

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