This Easter, Teresa Egg-spects Apology from CEO of the Rekai Centre

by Franke James


But when will the Rekai Centre apologize to Teresa? The pressure is building for a full, transparent investigation. Why was Teresa Forced into a Nursing Home at 49? Why did the Rekai Centre call the Police?

Watch this fun new music video of Teresa Pocock ‘power walking’

And ask yourself how anyone could think she belongs in a nursing home!
It is crazy! Who would deny Teresa her freedom?

You can help by sharing the music video and asking your friends to sign Teresa’s petition at
Tell the Ontario Government, Human Rights Should Be For Everybody.

Stacey Daub, CEO, The CCAC-Toronto
Mary Hoare, CEO, The Rekai Centre
André Marin, Ombudsman of Ontario
Dear Ms. Daub and Ms. Hoare,

Over 690 people, 9 MPPs, and countless Toronto Star readers, are now watching how you handle this crisis — and the numbers demanding an apology are growing everyday.

On March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day, Teresa Pocock launched her petition on demanding an apology from you for the harm your organizations have caused her.

People who hear of Teresa’s story are outraged…

“I am disabled and don’t want the same to happen to me.” Sam Duerden

“As a parent of a child with DS, this is abhorrent.” Nick Disney

“My cousin has Downs and I would never want this to happen to him!” Ingrid Sheriff

We appreciate the fact that Ms. Daub, CEO of the Toronto Central CCAC, apologized to Teresa within 48 hours of the petition’s launch. Ms. Daub wrote, “I apologize for any part the Toronto Central CCAC contributed to this.”

Then on April 4th, Teresa received the official news that the Toronto Central CCAC has launched a “comprehensive” investigation into her case. This is the type of leadership we expect. All organizations make mistakes, but the smart ones know that owning up to those mistakes, and identifying what went wrong, is the way to prevent them from happening again in the future.

Unfortunately, the silence by you, Ms. Hoare, and the Rekai Centre is deafening.

Ms. Hoare, Teresa Pocock is waiting for your public apology. The Rekai Centre has some explaining to do…

1. Why did the Rekai Centre call the police reporting Teresa as a ‘missing person’ four days after she was legally discharged?

2. Why have the Rekai Centre emails and records concerning the police call not been released? Why are they being kept secret?

3. Conflict of interest: Did the fact that Teresa has a relative on the Rekai Centre Board of Directors influence her placement? Did this conflict of interest influence your decision to call the police to force Teresa back into your nursing home?

4. The CCAC records show that Teresa’s siblings called you directly on several occasions. This was considered “unorthodox” by the CCAC and raised alarm bells which took the matter further up their chain for review. Did the CCAC know about the conflict of interest?

These are just four of the disturbing questions we need answered.

It’s time for the Rekai Centre to explain its actions in full and publicly apologize to Teresa. Your failure to respond is creating even more turmoil in Teresa’s life and making the situation even worse.


Franke James
Teresa’s sister and Petition-owner
[Your name]

Teresa Pocock: I Love My Human Rights

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  • Heather Renwick says:

    People with disabilities HAVE Human Rights.They should be treated as such! The CCAC and Rekai Centre need to apologize to Teresa.This is a sad state of affairs when a vibrant 49 year old is put in a Nursing home with the elderly and dying! This is a disgusting way to treat a Human Being.

  • Dee says:

    Everyone deserves an apology when they are in the wrong. Sadly people are not looking at the full picture anymore and assume without really fully investigating or funding the proper needs. Teresa I’m so glad you are being Determined and using your voice to help others.
    You are a true HERO – your my superwoman.
    Keep smiling and moving forward.
    Help your family by staying positive & enjoying life to its fullest.
    Sending you big hugs.
    FB: Walk To Ottawa
    Walking to Ottawa Teresa this winter from Toronto. Follow me and check out my adventures as I train to get ready.
    Best wishes on your journey Teresa. You look Pumped!

  • Susan Hodges says:

    It is long past time that people are met on their own individual basis for their own needs and not shepherded in groups based on some erroneous policy. It is extremely telling the lack of apology. The CCAC and Rekai Centre are i am sure getting legal advice. It is not enough to give lip service to equal rights. It is necessary to do the work to enact responsive policies that serve the requirements of a population of individuals with many different needs, not just their own administrative goals. It is 100% wrong what happened to Teresa Pocock. Please now get on with making things better and making it right.

  • Marie Lloyd says:

    Below minimum treatment for Teresa.