Google helps students speakout on Global Warming

by Franke James

Google’s actions are speaking louder than words ever could.

Yesterday Google started a Global Warming brainstorming project for students. It’s intended as a new way to engage students in collectively brainstorming strategies for fighting global warming — and have their ideas published in a full-page ad in The Washington Post. This is an excellent idea on so many levels — it shows kids how to be active citizens with a voice and opens the door to collaboration on a global scale. It also showcases Google’s software for online collaboration (which won’t hurt their stock valuation).

Google also announced on their blog that they are installing solar panels on their Googleplex. No small endeavor as you’ll read below…

“Soon we plan to begin installation of 1.6 megawatts of solar photovoltaic panels at our Mountain View campus. This project will be the largest solar installation on any corporate campus in the U.S., and we think it’s one of the largest on any corporate site in the world. The panels will cover the roofs of the four main buildings of the Googleplex, and also those of two additional buildings across the street. There will also be a portion of this installation on new solar panel support structures in a few parking lots. The amount of electricity that will be generated is equivalent to powering about 1,000 average California homes. We’ll use that electricity to power several of our Mountain View office facilities, offsetting approximately 30% of our peak electricity consumption at those buildings.”

Initiatives like this don’t happen in a vacuum. The recent passage of the Global Warming Solutions Bill shows that Californians are very concerned about the effects of global warming on their state, and are taking action. Clearly it’s a win/win for Google, proving that they are good corporate citizens, while also saving money on energy (no word on the installation costs).

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