St. Clement’s School: Grades 3 and 6

Thank you book from Grade Six Class at St Clements School

“I now want to make a difference, just like you.”

Franke James presenting at St Clements School in Toronto April 27, 2010 school grade to class photo by Franke JamesOn April 27th, Franke spoke to the students in Grades 3 and 6 at St. Clement’s School (a private girls’ school in Toronto). She read them some of her stories about taking action for the environment, and asked the girls, “What’s the hardest thing you could do for the planet? Is it changing a light bulb? Or is there something more ambitious you could do that would make a difference in your life?”

Franke’s call-to-action for the girls was “Listen to your Green Conscience” and then “Do something green and tell everyone about it — using stories, songs and pictures.” Did her message sink in? See the handmade “thank you” gift Franke received from the Grade 6 class.

Thank  you, You inspired everyone not only to just recycle you told us more.  You went the extra mile. SH

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