Our Green Driveway is growing!

by Franke James

photo by Franke James

Were you skeptical about our grass growing from seed? We were! But after only thirteen days, the growth of our Eco-Lawn is excellent — even from a distance. I’ve never considered myself a gardener — and I have never grown grass from seed — so this is pretty exciting. It definitely beats sod — which the raccoons were always turning over much to our annoyance. Nice to know that good seeds + water + sunshine = healthy green grass (drought-tolerant of course)!

We appreciate the many friends, family and neighbors who have been dropping by to congratulate us on the transformation. I think I’m going to love having a green driveway! It beats interlock hands down for beauty and reducing stormwater runoff.

photo by Franke James

Read the step-by-step story of how we built our Green Driveway:

Our Green Driveway is growing! copyright 2007 Franke James;
Photography and writing by Franke James, MFA

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