My Green Conscience: Why is the sky like a sewer?

by Franke James

Why is the sky like a sewer? I see cars dump pollution into the air like it was a bottomless sewer...

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My Green Conscience: Why is the sky like a sewer? 2007 Franke James; Photography, illustration and writing by Franke James, MFA

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  • Daharja says:

    …and yet my own Australian government refuses to allow electric cars on the road (the most recent attempt to introduce the Reva car has it tied up in red tape due to lack of an appropriate category in which to place the car!), rebates on solar cells and rainwater tanks are still too low, and animal produce such as red meat is still heavily subsidized by the government and unsustainnable ‘farms’ are bailed out year after year.

    We’re living in a 1950s dream that the planet is endless and can take any insult we can think of dealing out to it.

    Green-minded people used to say “I fear for my grandchildren” but these days we are saying “I fear for myself”. We need to change what we are doing here and now.