Let them walk on the road!

by Franke James

out for a walk on sunday

I am irked by unshovelled sidewalks

I wonder who lives in the homes

and why they don't shovel?

Are the people shovel nicer? Kinder? More thoughtful?

Are these people selfish?

Are they too old and frail?

I notice three homes in a row. They are identical, except for the unshovelled walk.

Nice people live here. Selfish people live here.

They just don't care I guess.

Pedestrians just don't get any respect.

Why can't they drive like everybody else? Let them walk on the road.

“Let them walk on the road!” photo essay copyright 2008 Franke James

Jan.7/08: Pedestrian deaths spark safety warning
2 dead, another struck within 24 hours

The two deaths, a young woman and a man in his 70s, were the first two traffic fatalities of the year. In 2007, 51 people died in traffic accidents; 22 of them were pedestrians. ~ The Toronto Star

February 9/08: Beware the Snow Police

“It’s time to get tough with businesses and homeowners who don’t clear snow and ice from their sidewalks, Toronto Councillor Joe Mihevc says, and he’s calling for quick fines and city action for those who won’t comply.

That could get expensive — a $50 fee if the city has to do the cleanup, along with a fine that can range from $125 to as much as $5,000. And if you don’t pay, you’ll find the tab added to your property tax bill”

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  • Mother Earth says:

    I so love the expression you have brought to this topic – I have had a musing very similar to this in my head, each time I walk my dog as a matter of fact! With her 70 lbs of siberian husky pull me instincts I feel like I am on some sort of arctic expedition. The point of walking her is to get her (and me) moving for our basic well being and yet on these kinds of unshovelled sidewalks it’s very hard to get any sort of momentum. The worst part is I am seriously afraid of falling. With a year of recovery behind me I just don’t want to go through that again. I end up walking on the street, or very very slowly. A lot of good that does for either of our heart rates! I thought sidewalks were a public courtesy for the public to walk on. Streets are for cars, sidewalks are for people.

    Mother Earth aka Karen Hanrahan

  • Jocelyne says:

    I totally agree with the fact that people are inconsiderate about clearing the snow.. tell me about it…

  • Franke James says:

    Toronto has received another huge dump of snow. I was surprised today when a neighbor commented on the many unshovelled walks in our neighborhood. (I thought I was one of the few irked by this!) Vince shook his head and said to me, “It just shows how different people are. Some are conscientious and others are not. Look at this guy — he doesn’t shovel and he’s right in between two neighbors who obviously do a good job clearing their walk.”

    I told him about my post and he laughed. Great minds think alike.

  • Kathryn Hall says:

    Hi, Franke! I thought of you when I watched the news about snow in Canada! Thought you’d be so happy after the earlier post about how Canada was going down the tubes with no snow. Flip side of the coin, huh? It has to be managed! :) Kathryn xoxo

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