Keep abreast of global warming trend and avoid RSS spam ads

by Franke James


I want to share with you four useful tools to keep abreast of the global warming trend.

1. The first is Google News, which lets you personalize your news page. You can add ‘global warming’ as a custom selection, and select how many news stories you want to read. It allows you to be your own newspaper editor, pulling stories from around the world, effortlessly. I love it! This tip was inspired by ‘Time to get Mad as Hell‘ by Jock Gill, Co-Founder of Biomass Commodities Corporation.

2. The second tool is a Google companion, Google Alerts. This will aggregate all the global warming stories (that Google deems worthy) appearing on the news and web. It’s more comprehensive than the Google News feature but not as visual. It also requires more action on the reader’s part to dig through the stories.

3. The Energy & Climate News letter is a terrific summary of energy and climate news published weekly by WBCSD. It focuses on issues of sustainable development. It monitors developments in the political and business arenas, scientific advances and environmental and social concerns. In addition to news articles from major newspapers and magazines, it also highlights valuable academic surveys on the topic. You can sign up at WBCSD or subscribe by sending a blank email to:

4. The fourth, in a shameless act of self-promotion, is to sign up for the Desperate Marketing Global Warming RSS. Our spin is to look for the silver lining in the global warming problem. Who knows? You may make money from one of our bright ideas, and also save the world.


Lastly I want to share my amazement, and disgust, at RSS ads which are being distributed by a Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail. What are they thinking? These are separate RSS emails that only contain ads. They clog my RSS inbox and compete for my attention. It is a desperate marketing attempt, of the worst kind, and one that I fervently hope will not spawn a trend… The good news is that with RSS the subscriber is in control. I couldn’t delete the Globe RSS feed fast enough.

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  • Franke,
    I have just found your blog and am enjoying it. I have found in my web ‘travels’ another excellent source of info on the topic of resource depletion and climate change. It is

    It draws articles worldwide and encourages discussion. Also, I met a very interesting person the other night when he gave a talk to the Electric Vehicle Council. His name is Mike Nickerson from Lanark. He has just published a book, Life, Money, & Illusion. He asks the question: “Is it proper, now that our biggest problems result from our size, to hold growth as a goal?” He will be giving another talk to the Kanata Environmental Network on Thursday, May 10 at Beaverbrook Community Centre, 2 Beaverbrook Road, 7:00 PM. His website is

    Thanks for your work.

    Leonard Poole

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
    committed citizens can change the world,
    indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    Margaret Mead