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“In a world of talkers, Franke James is a walker!”

Art Lightstone, Faculty Holy Trinity School

Franke James presenting at Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill, Ontario Sept.30, 2010
Exterior HTS by Franke JamesAt Holy Trinity School, Franke spoke about the idea of a Green Conscience, taking action for the planet, and why it makes sense to do the hardest thing first. She addressed students from kindergarten through to the upper school, in three separate presentations. She also conducted a Green Conscience art workshop with a group of older students.

“Franke James’ fun, powerful visuals effectively communicate her stories of environmental concern and action to a variety of age groups. The message of hope relayed through her stories inspires others to reflect on their own habits, to develop their own green consciences, and to let this awareness influence their own future choices.” Erica Auer, Head of Science Department

Franke James at HTS

“HTS was honoured to have such a devoted eco warrior come to our school. Franke’s message about “doing the hardest thing first” resonated with many of our students. During their workshop in the afternoon, a select group of students had the opportunity to reflect on what was bothering their eco conscience and produced some visual essays for their Media Studies class. It was amazing to see what they came up with!” Melanie Van de Water, Media Studies and Art, HTS Faculty

“In a world of talkers, Franke James is a walker! She not only has an environmental conscience, but she listens to her conscience and she is willing to make big sacrifices to do so. Her story is fascinating and inspiring, and the medium she uses is both instructive and compelling. Everywhere Franke James walks, she shall surely inspire others to follow in her footsteps.” Art Lightstone, Faculty, Holy Trinity School

“Franke James provides the average person with plenty of food for thought on the topic of social change and environmental sustainability. Her message is profound because it goes against our natural tendencies to individually ‘just do a little bit’ to make a difference in the world. Franke hold us, and herself to higher standards. ‘Do the hardest thing first’, is a real life, inspirational challenge. Her message is clear, meaningful and beautifully communicated in ways that one and all can understand.” Jacqueline Butler, Environmental Sustainability, HTS faculty

Franke James at HTS

Holy Trinity School Undergoes Environmental Revolution.

“When asked what advice they might give to other schools looking to go green, Butler says that the key is to continue to make progress. “The awakening of a green conscience is a journey,” says Butler, “If we looked at other schools who are ahead of us, it would be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter where we are compared to others. If we just keep advancing, we will meet our purpose.”

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