Green T: Spotlight on Climate Change: making it personal.

Opening illustration for What can One Person Do by Franke JamesThe Green T agenda: Climate change expert, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and local community leader, Don MacIver, discussed the science and strategy needed to prepare the local landscape for climate change. Franke James, artist and author of the award-winning book, Bothered by My Green Conscience, brought climate change to a personal level by merging science and art to inspire individual action and responsibility.

Franke presented Paradise Unpaved, and debuted a new visual essay: What Can One Person Do, When 6.8 Billion are Frying the Planet?

“Franke’s inspiring presentation was the perfect choice for our September Green T speaker’s night. Matched with Nobel-prize recipient Don MacIver, she used her warm and thought-provoking style to deliver the climate change message in a way that really hit home. Franke is definitely a unique and talented artist and speaker who engages audiences in a memorable way. Thank you Franke for making the evening a huge success!” Patti Foley, President, Green T

The audience connected with Franke’s warm, uplifting personality

frying the planet image

“Franke was invited to present at our Climate Change Forum to inspire local residents to take personal responsibility and action. Climate Change is a global concern and can sometimes be overwhelming at the local, individual level. Franke had a wonderful way of using her own ‘greening’ experiences to connect climate change to individual action. Her presentation was funny and heart-warming but also demonstrated the challenges of environmental leadership and how they can be overcome. The audience immediately connected with her warm, uplifting personality.” Lisa Hohban Brusse, Supervisor, Rural Outreach, Credit Valley Conservation

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