Franke James on Green Activism for Everyone at The Big Carrot, Toronto

Franke James talk about green activism for everyone

Feedback on Franke James talk at the Big Carrot

“Thank you for your very engaging presentation last evening…. Brilliant! Thank you for your insight and perseverance.” Rita B.

“We are honoured to have had Franke James speak at the Big Carrot’s Thursday Evening Lecture to commemorate Earth Day this year. Her presentation, Bothered By My Green Conscience, was an engaging walk through her experiences in building awareness of environmental issues and creating a greener life for herself. Filled with humour and sincerity, her personal photos and amazing artwork impacted the audience in a powerful way and everyone left inspired to do more. Thank you, Franke!” Cathy, The Big Carrot

Franke James speaks at the Big Carrot: 7pm, Thursday April 19th

In January 2007 Franke James was just an ordinary citizen concerned about climate change when she published her first visual essay “A Green Winter: Will Global Warming Be Good for Canada?” That essay hit a chord.

Since then, Franke’s essays about her personal environmental actions have propelled her into the international spotlight. Remarkably, in 2011, the full impact of these bits of activism was revealed when she discovered that the Canadian Government was not a fan. Franke James will share her stories and tell us why her motto of “doing the hardest thing first” can lead to tremendous personal growth and a recognition of our power as individuals to change our world – starting with ourselves.

Franke holds a Masters in Fine Arts and is an award-winning author and has delivered keynotes and workshops at universities in the US and Canada.

Toronto: The Big Carrot
Date: Thursday, April 19/12: Free.
Location: The Big Carrot, room 212
348 Danforth, Toronto
Phone: 416-466-2129

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