Gasoline Breakup: Mobile Movie of the Week​

by Franke James

“Gasoline Breakup”​ is an official selection in the Mobile Film Festival ACT NOW

Gasoline Breakup is the “Mobile Movie of the Week”​ and an official selection at the Mobile Film Festival ACT NOW

Woohoo! Our “Gasoline Breakup” music video is featured as the “Mobile Movie of the Week“. The love affair with gasoline is ending so we wrote a song about it and made a one-minute movie on our mobile phones. Murray Suid wrote, “It’s a cliche that modern people love their cars. The songwriting team of Franke James & Billiam James take that romance to its logical (or illogical) conclusion: our dark relationship with petroleum. Their witty music video “Gasoline Breakup” is a finalist in the 15th annual Mobile Film Festival, whose theme is “Act Now on Climate Change.”

Gasoline Breakup is one of 50 films in the online Mobile Film Festival. The international short film competition is based on one simple rule: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film. This year the focus is to ACT NOW on Climate Change. The United Nations and YouTube Creators for Change are partnering to help spread the word — and you can help by sharing our song, or liking it or singing along.

We’re feeling the love… Our “Gasoline Breakup” video has won us a free trip to Paris in December for the film screening. C’est fantastique!! But should we go?? Is this a Once-in-a-Lifetime-Opportunity-that-Our-Song-Won-a-Trip-to-Paris?? Um, quite likely…We have been great carbon-cutters… We sold our only car 12 years ago to whack down our carbon emissions, but still…

To assuage our guilt we bought 9.198 tonnes CO2e of Gold Standard-Certified International Offsets from Less Emissions, a Bullfrog Power company (Phew!) And we’re going to Paris!!

We wrote Gasoline Breakup because the world is aflame! But how do we get other people to consider breaking up with the fossil fool?

Songs tell stories and can address tough issues that many people don’t want to talk about. Which makes songs a great vehicle for talking about climate change. Songs get into your head in a way that is very different from other art forms. They can change people’s minds and hearts. That appeals to us. So, our ambition was to write a catchy song about breaking up with a bad lover (aka Gasoline) — and finding someone new…

Try singing along to Gasoline Breakup…

You took me for a ride, and now we’re lost
I’m choking on your pollution trip
You’re making me cough…You’re turning me off
I’m breaking this relationship
Gasoline, gasoline, you’re driving me insane
Gasoline, gasoline, the world’s aflame
Gasoline, gasoline, I found someone new
Someone better, better than you
We had a good run but now we’re done
You’re poisoning our atmosphere
You don’t even care, pumping dirt in our air
We gotta leave you in the ground
Gasoline, gasoline, you’re driving me insane.
Gasoline, gasoline, the world’s aflame.
Gasoline, gasoline, I found someone new
And I’m leaving…leaving you.

Thanks to all of the talented singers Missy D, Sejal Lal, Francis Arevalo, and Lindal — and to our sound engineer David Tallarico and our Executive Producer Matthew Metz, Coltura.

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