Freeze Flash Mob Protests Inaction on Climate Change

by Franke James

Stage a Freeze Flash Mob: What’s that? A dramatic, fun way to grab media attention for climate change.

Freeze 350 illustration by Franke James; Text: Politicians are moving at a glacial pace on climate change while CO2 emissions keep rising. What can you do? Stage a FREEZE Flash Mob to protest their inaction! Here's how... 1. Text your friends to meet in a safe public place 2. Have everyone freeze in mid-motion for 350 seconds  3. Don't forget to record it all on video (strangers milling about may wonder what's up -- which is good because afterwards you can tell them about 350 ) 4. Upload your FREEZE video to YouTube.  More info:

Watch this video to see how the “freeze” action has been done as a stunt:

Frozen Grand Central is an improvisational acting “stunt” that took place at one of the busiest stations in the world, Grand Central Station in New York City. It is a brilliant example of live street theater. Over two hundred people suddenly stopped — frozen — caught in the middle of various ordinary activities (picking up papers, eating a banana, looking at a map, kissing) as if in suspended animation. The on-lookers didn’t know what to make of it. Why were the people not moving? What was wrong? You can watch the YouTube video below to see their stunned reactions. After 5 minutes, all 200 actors snapped out of it, as though nothing had happened.

Use this improvisational acting technique to draw attention to climate change…

On October 24th, Stage a Freeze Flash Mob to
Gather a team of 350 people (or as many as you can get). Have all of them wear t-shirts, buttons, or hand-made labels, with the 350 message. Gather in a busy (and safe) public area. Take video as your team freezes for 350 seconds (about 5 minutes). Watch the stunned reactions of passersby… When they snap out of it explain the meaning of it: To protest the glacial pace of action on climate change. Of course, don’t forget to upload the video to YouTube and send it to the news media, with a press release. (And don’t forget to let me know: )

Excerpt from Part 3 of Franke James keynote to Bates College, 09.05.09

credit: logo with Franke's call to action;

stop CO2 illustration by Franke James;

Freeze Flash Mob © 2009 Franke James, MFA
See the full Bates College keynote: Who are you going to be?
Frozen Grand Central video by

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