If Walls Could Talk…

by Franke James

What would your walls say?


But hey… just imagine if you hung some of my banned art!


That would really get people talking about climate change


And make for some lively dinner conversations!


You’ll be supporting a great cause…

Banned on the Hill: A True Story of Dirty Oil and Government Censorship from Franke James on Vimeo.

You’ll be getting people talking about climate change.
(Which is exactly what the Harper Government does not want.)

And as the satirical artist Dan Murphy quipped on Facebook, “So if Harper ever dropped by, having one of these on the wall would put him off his hors d’oeuvres…”

I had to agree. If PM Harper dropped by my place he’d feel like he walked into one of my essays… he’d be surrounded by my climate change art. Yikes! What is Harper afraid of?

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  • Franke James artworks are available as giclee fine art prints.
  • Medium size – 21.5″ x 15.375″ ($600)
  • Large size – 33.375″ x 23.375″ ($900)
  • Bus shelter size – 47″ x 68″ ($900) (on paper or plastic substrate)
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    • alison cross says:

      Franke James, you’re inspiring, your artwork is clear and to the point. It’s hard to believe we are still facing the same problems, even after we elected a PM who said he opposed enbridge.
      I’m thinking there is going to be allot of protests in the upcoming weeks and months, and I want to get myself armed with a visual message.
      Do you have any pieces for upcoming pipeline protests to share, or give permission to use at at rally?

      thank you for all that you do

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