Don’t Worry About Radiation in Canadian Seawater

by Franke James

As I read the morning news about the evolving Nuclear crisis in Japan — And radiation reaching our Canadian shores — I was reminded of this image from my 2010 Earth Day visual essay: Our Disposable World:

We Know Some Things Are Toxic…

fish on plate illustration by Franke James

Dilution Will Save Us in North America, Too Bad About the Japanese:
“The spread of radiation has raised concerns about the safety of Japan’s seafood, even though experts say the low levels suggest radiation won’t accumulate in fish at unsafe levels… Experts say the Pacific is so vast that any radiation will be quickly diluted before it becomes problematic. Citing dilution, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has played down the risks of seafood contamination

How comforting!

How safe do you think Canadian Nuclear reactors are?
Here are a few items I’m reading…

  1. CBC News reported that Pickering had a leak of radioactive water this month.
  2. In 2008, the Harper Government fired the Nuclear Safety Watchdog, Linda Keen, who was concerned about sufficient backups. (The Fukushima plant did not have sufficient back-ups.)
  3. See The Toronto Star: “Nuclear Question Marks” which effectively says that the Hearings on the Darlington $30 Billion Dollar Nuclear Plant project are moving ahead without adequate environmental assessments.
  4. Maybe you don’t believe a nuclear accident could happen in Canada? Read this Q & A by Greenpeace and ask yourself if their concerns are valid.
  5. If you’re wondering how many Nuclear Power Plants there are in the USA, see this Map. (Hope there will be a Canadian map soon.)

Without adequate environmental protections, our economy will be ruined.

Before you shrug your shoulders, and pray for dilution, ask yourself how close you live to a nuclear plant, and how quickly an evacuation of millions could take place.

We’re in a Federal Election. What I want to know is…

Why the Harper Government is using taxpayer dollars to give the Nuclear Industry $405 million dollars a year. With the nuclear crisis in Japan, why isn’t nuclear safety even mentioned in our Federal Election? And when will our “Leaders” shift to renewable and safe, Solar and Wind Power?

Angela Merkel in Germany recently lost to the anti-nuclear Greens. “Voters were touched by the terrible events in Japan, those images still haunt people today.”

I think shifting to green energy should be an election issue in Canada …. What about you?

How are you going to vote on May 2nd? Ask your local candidate what their position is on nuclear safety (and also green energy and the environment).

Further thoughts: Why Aren’t Canadian Politicians Talking About What’s Real?

CBC Vote Compass:

My Earth Day 2010 talk:Our Disposable World


“Don’t Worry About Radiation in Canadian Seawater” copyright 2011 Franke James

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  • Christine says:

    Thank you for making the connection between what is going on in Japan and events right here in Ontario, Franke.
    BTW, re: election, I had lunch with four “average” women (is there such a thing?) yesterday and was disturbed by their lack of engagement in the election and the issues in general. However, when I pointed out the importance of voting (people are dying in Egypt and all over North Africa right now for that right!), and talked with passion (I can’t help myself) about the issues, several of them seemed sincere about taking it more seriously. CBC has a “vote compass” for those Canadians who aren’t usually engaged in politics to find out which party lines up the best with their beliefs:

  • Franke James says:


    Thanks for your comment and your suggestion to include the CBC’s Vote Compass. I’ve added it to my post now. However… I took it and while it was informative on the various policies each party has, the compass failed to point me in the right direction. I think it’s not weighted properly to account for the issues each person is passionate about. The economic downhill slide of areas which have suffered environmental catastrophes (recently the Gulf Coast, Japan) show that a sick environment trumps everything.



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