Copenhagen? One day, I’ll do a story about it…

by Franke James

photo of COP15 sign by Franke James

I say, “I flew all the way from Canada…”

photo of plane by Franke James

photo of train station sign by Franke James

And then commuted from Sweden to Copenhagen.

photo of Hopenhagen sign in hotel lobby by Franke James

Many people were cynical.

And yet, Danes opened their homes to strangers.

New Life Copenhagen Poster, photo of poster by Franke James

3,178 strangers were hosted through New Life Copenhagen.

quote by Martin Rosengaard, photo of lamp in Malmo, Sweden square by Franke James

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Credits: “Copenhagen? One day, I’ll do a story about it…” © 2010 Franke James
Photographs, video and writing by Franke James, MFA

Featured in videos:
Kevin Grandia, deSmogBlog
Martin Rosengaard, New Life Copenhagen, Co-director,
New Life Copenhagen poster ©
Hopenhagen poster ©

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  • Martin R. says:

    Nice Franke! And funny too ;-)

    All the best to you and the planet.

    Let’s stay in touch.


  • Daharja says:

    It’s hard not to be a little cynical, isn’t it?

    But in the end, it will be you and me that make up the sum of us. And we will save us. Just like we were always going to.

    Does that make sense? ;-)

  • Franke James says:


    Thanks for your comment! I love what Martin Rosengaard from New Life Copenhagen says in the quick video clip about the belief in humanity carrying us forward — and that we have to get to work.

    As you say, it’s about each of us working together to make change happen — and not having blind faith that the politicians will do the right thing.

    I’m working on the 2nd part of this essay and it should be live soon…


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