@Bubbalon’s Video Review of ‘Bothered By My Green Conscience’

by Franke James

What fun! Jessica at @Bubbalon made the first ever video review of my book…

“The power of social media….After meeting award-winning author Franke James through twitter (@frankejames), we were lucky enough to receive her book “Bothered By My Green Conscience” in the mail today! After looking through her visual essays, we made this video thanking Franke for the book and telling all our users about her cool message and artwork. Watch the video and then let us know what you think about Franke through the widget below.”

Thanks Jessica! Visit to see more video reviews and fun stuff.

Are you interested in doing a video review of Bothered By My Green Conscience? Let me know what bothers your green conscience — and what you plan to do about it! You can email me at

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