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by Franke James

MAY 16, 2013
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oilytruth600“The Canadian government has clamped down on scientists who tell the truth about the tarsands–
and it’s tried to shut up artists too. Happily, Franke James is indefatigable!” Bill McKibben, Founder

Banned on the Hill book cover

I dug for evidence to find out. Over the past 2 years I filed ‘freedom of information’ requests with four government departments. And I have received over 2,000 pages that explain why the government found my art so threatening (hint: dirty oil). Key documents are in my book including this very undiplomatic email from a diplomat who was blaming a staffer… (the black bars are “redactions” done to protect international security and conversations with/or about a Minister, etc.)


The diplomat’s email inspired my ‘Bureaucat’ illustration below.



Shockingly, the Government worked to shut down my show — and bully my supporters — simply because my climate change art was “advocating a message that was contrary to government policies”.

Jean-Bruno Villeneuve, The artists’ work dealt mostly with climate change, and was advocating a message that was contrary to the government's policies on the subject.

Does this mean that ordinary citizens are not allowed to ask questions about government policy? Especially if they’re asking about climate change?

Isn’t Canada a free country? PEN Canada spoke up for me by issuing a press release. They said, “The government of Canada has no right” to do this.”

I told the govt one thing

Government finger

If the Govt is not protecting my rights — or yours — who are they working for?

Our rights are being squashed — and our country is being polluted — all to serve Big Oil. Scientists are being muzzled. First Nations are being pushed aside. Even our librarians are being told to shut up.

The government cannot do this if we don’t play along. They can’t make ALL of us shut up. We have to fight back! For free speech. And for the environment. Please join my campaign. Tell Harper he can’t silence our voices.

Our Voices Joined Together Have The Power to Change Governments

Together let’s tell Harper we’ve had our fill. We will not be, Banned on the Hill.

Please go to Indiegogo to buy a book, or a perk and support the project!


The perks are listed in detail on the sidebar at Indiegogo, right hand side. Click on the contribute button to start the process…

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What are you waiting for? Head on over to Indiegogo and get on board!

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