Access to Information: 1,557 pages from DFAIT

by Franke James

Confirmation of 1,557 pages Franke James has received from DFAIT in response to two ATIP requests in August, 2011 and January 2012.

Scans of the cover letters have been uploaded for public viewing on Scribd. Look at the pages noted below for the highlighted tally.

Total: 581 + 976 = 1,557.

Three Highlights

1. Canadian Senior Trade Commissioner in Berlin Thomas Marr writes to Cultural Officer Vlatka Ljubenko in Croatia: Franke James is your Fault?

2. A reporter re: Franke James: DFAIT Cultural Trade Commissioner Candice Rice suggests that “Comms” be alerted for action. Rice cites the email from Ambassador Scott Heatherington indicating that he would not support a press conference (paid for by artist Franke James) at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin.

Ambassador Heatherington’s letter (originally on page 192 in the ATIP document) is included on the second page. The reasons are redacted, however Heatherington includes a link to James’ essay, “Please see Franke James site “Fat Canada’s Giant Litter Box“. (Her essay is critical of the oil sands.) The link was sent on to many people at Canadian Embassies. People who had previously expressed support for James exhibit withdrew support and forwarded the link to others.

3. ATIP Highlights: Canada’s Climate Change office secretly killed approval for Franke James’ European art tour, government documents reveal
November 9, 2011
Internal government documents, released through an Access To Information request, show that Canada’s Climate Office in Ottawa, at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), made the decision to cancel Canadian support for the Franke James European Tour. See highlights from the ATI documents…

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