Press Release: A Green Winter & Franke James

by Franke James

A Green Winter: Will Global Warming be good for Canada?
Franke James, MFA

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tim hortons cup photo-illus by franke james A Green Winter is a timely visual essay created by Canadian artist Franke James. The story begins at a cocktail party with James asking Freakonomics author Steven Levitt how he would solve Global Warming. Levitt quips, “Why would you worry about it? Global Warming will be good for Canada. Look how much more of the country will be populated if it’s warmer!”

James uses Levitt’s unconventional opinion as a springboard to explore questions about Global Warming, Canada’s changing identity, and Canadians’ comfortable complacency. The visual essay has been featured in The Toronto Star as well as,, What is the Next Message and many online blogs.

It is to be published in an anthology of readings for Canadian university students entitled Perspectives on Contemporary Issues, including authors Stephen Lewis, Ken Dryden, David Suzuki, Margaret Atwood and others. Co-edited by Kim Blank and Stephen Eaton Hume, University of Victoria. To be published by Thomson, Autumn 2007. A Green Winter: Will Global Warming be good for Canada? can be viewed online.

Artist Statement: The Toronto Star, Feb.1/07

“We just take for granted that Canada is a land of snow and ice and hockey,” James said in an interview. “And, yet, it could disappear within our lifetime. The visual essay will be a success if it gets people thinking and talking and writing and saying what it means to them. I’m trying to reflect the concern … but also look at the selfishness we all have,” James said.

About the Artist:

Working at the intersection of art, technology and advertising, Franke James, is a Canadian artist and writer committed to bringing awareness to global warming. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University. James interactive artwork has won numerous awards and been featured on CBC, CTV, Global News, iVillage, USA Today, AOL, Yahoo and others.

Artist: Franke James, MFA
Phone: 416.256.9166


A Green Winter copyright 2007 Franke James

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