GopherIllustrated Magazine talks to Franke James

by Franke James

Gopher Magazine interview with Franke James: Drawing a Greener Conscience
GopherIllustrated Magazine
Franke James is Drawing a Greener Conscience

“Posting about climate change and a green conscience may strike some as preachy, and we at the Gopher have to confess a great deal of pickiness when it comes to reading up on it… Franke James is the opposite of preachy. She is the fairy godmother of green conscience, a concerned citizen and a terrifically talented storyteller. Today Franke lets us post some of her work (scroll down to read “No one will know, except you“) and answers some of our questions.” Read….

Gopher Magazine layout featuring Franke James: Drawing a Greener Conscience and No One Will Know visual essay

Read the feature article by Michu Benaim.


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