A Professional Organizer Inspired by “Keeping Only Your Favorite Things”

by Franke James

green eccentric glamour drawing by Franke James

Do you ever dream of an uncluttered closet with just your favorite clothes in it?
I do.
So, I was thrilled to get an email from professional organizer and California resident, Jeri Dansky. Jeri contacted me for permission to use my drawing above from my story “Green Eccentric Glamour”, for a post she was writing on uncluttered closets. Jeri describes what she does, “I help people whose clutter is driving them crazy – and I help the mostly organized do even better.”

“How many of us have closets full of clothes we don’t really love? If you’re one of those people, head over to Franke James’ blog and read her complete illustrated post about how she originally laughed at Doonan’s advice – and then decided he might indeed have a point. “My closet will be so spare and uncluttered,” she writes. “I will wear only my favorite clothes.” You’ll want to see the far-from-ordinary clothes and accessories she speaks about keeping!

And you’ll be glad to know Franke wasn’t considering actually throwing out the “ordinary clothes”; they would go to her sisters and their children, to Goodwill, or to her Freecycle community.

Some people thrive with a personal uniform; Doonan has a different approach which might appeal to others. They are two different strategies for reaching the same goal: closets containing only the clothes which truly serve us, be they functional or fabulous.”

Wear only your favorite clothes

Imagine how differently the world would see us if we really did wear only our favorite clothes! Who are we keeping our “good clothes” for?

illustration by franke james 2008

illustration by franke james 2008

illustration of SUV by franke james 2008

illustration of coat by franke james 2008

mondrian top drawing by Franke James

Try this…

Look in your closet today and pull out one of your favorite items to wear. See how people react to you wearing only your most fabulous clothes. Can you imagine your closet with only your favorite things? What would you keep? What would you give away? If you adopted this attitude, would you buy less “ordinary” stuff? How would that help the planet?

Read more…

Jeri Dansky’s post: The Uncluttered Closet: Keeping Only the Clothes You Love

Franke James’ visual essay: Green Eccentric Glamour

Simon Doonan’s book “Eccentric Glamour” that inspired it all.

“A Professional Organizer Inspired by “Keeping Only Your Favorite Things” copyright 2011 Franke James.


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