A Paper Bag Princess?

by Franke James

Paper bag dress by Sarah Stevenson. Photo by Franke James

The ending of the Paper Bag Princess always had my kids roaring with approval. It’s when ‘Princess’ Elizabeth gets to tell ‘Prince’ Ronald what she really thinks of him…

“Your clothes are really pretty, and your hair is very neat. You look like a real prince, but you are a bum.” And they don’t get married after all.

Robert Munsch’ rambunctious characters never had problems speaking the truth — so I bet he would be tickled to know his 1980 story about a Paper Bag Princess has inspired a little climate change activism.

A Fashion Design student at George Brown College in Toronto, contacted me about her imaginative ‘Trash’ dresses — and I suggested they would be neat to photograph for My Green Conscience. Sarah Stevenson designed the dress above, complete with fitted bodice and delicate pleated ruffle. It is made entirely of paper bags. Just perfect for a Paper Bag Princess (which Sarah says is one of her favorite childhood books). Below is her eye-catching Postcard dress made entirely of — you guessed it — postcards from Toronto’s adfactor. Now you know what to do with all your junk mail! See the You’ve Got Mail slideshow below.

Innovative green design, like Sarah’s, is an encouraging sign that doing the right thing for the environment can be both virtuous and profitable. Perhaps we’ll never be able to look at junk mail and paper bags the same way again…

Photography: Franke James

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  • Gillian says:

    Beautiful! What fun recycled dresses!

  • Very interesting and very pretty. Your environmental message comes through loud and clear. Sarah is very talented, just like you!

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