5 Canadian artists who rocked in 2013

This is cool! FiveCdnArtists Social and environmental activism is at the heart of the “5 Canadian artists who rocked in 2013” named by Press Progress. I am thrilled to be one of the five artists.

Neil Young for his “Honor the Treaties” concerts benefitting the Athabasca Chipewayan First Nation in Northern Alberta. London-Ontario born Rapper Shad’s song “Fam Jam” about the immigrant experience in Canada. Godspeed You! Black Emperor who won the Polaris Music Prize for Album of the Year — and then donated their winnings to prisoners in Quebec for musical instruments. Sarah Harmer for headlining the “Rock the Line” concert to protest the plan from Calgary-based energy distributor Enbridge to modify its use of an oil pipeline running between Ontario and Quebec.

And then, myself! “The outspoken artist and author, once blacklisted by the Canadian government for her activism, took her critiques of the Harper government and its inaction on climate change to Washington D.C. Speaking (and drawing) truth to power on Keystone and other issues, James gets a tip o’ the hat for telling the world that Canada “is a dirty old man.”

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