2007: Franke James presents “A Green Winter” and “Six Tools” at the McMichael Gallery

Six Tools system and illustrations by  Franke James

2007: McMichael Gallery

October 2007 Reading and Lecture: Franke James presents:


“Rarely do the talents of a professional artist and educator come together in equal measure as they do in the work of Franke James. Her Six Tools for Climate Change presentation at the McMichael was the ideal vehicle for presenting complex material in a compelling and accessible format for everyone in attendance. Franke has the rare skill of presenting important abstract concepts with immediacy and relevance through her art. Simply outstanding.” Scott McDonald, Director Education and Programmes, McMichael Canadian Art Collection

“Thank you for the delightful presentation at the McMichael last week. My daughter does not consider herself artistic. Or did not until you showed your Six Tools to Make Climate Change Art presentation. Like you, she has a quirky sense of humour and sees the world a bit differently. You showed her how one can use WORDS and humour to make art and influence people! Many thanks for your energy and inspiration.” Carole, Parent

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Six Tools to Make Climate Change Art

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