Help Franke James Fight the Harper Blacklisting

Photo of Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, with cartoon of PM Harper and Fat Cat Canada on his head

Canada's Harper Government is blacklisting Franke James for speaking up for the environment and against dirty oil. We need to send Ottawa a message: Stop the blacklisting! Make the polluters pay. If we don't tax the polluters who will pay to clean up the mess? Protect our environment, because that's the best way to protect our economy and our future.

You can also donate at LoudSauce: http://loudsauce.com/campaigns/40

Support Franke's LoudSauce Campaign in Ottawa

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Note: Franke's company name on Paypal is "Nerdheaven Ltd".

Rewards for your contribution:

  • Fund $25 or more: Franke Button: Free Speech. Tax Polluters.
  • Fund $75 or more: Franke's Book: Bothered by My Green Conscience, and button
  • Fund $200 or more: Franke Poster: Campaign poster, book and button
  • Fund $1,000 or more: Franke Artwork: Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print (34" x 24") from the Banned Art Show!

If the campaign doesn't reach it's funding goal, your pledge will be refunded.

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If you have any questions contact Franke by email: franke@frankejames.com or phone: 416-256-9166


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